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How we build your website:

Web Design by Jacira Castro

...with your help!

Web Design by Jacira Castro

In the 21st century, it is no longer a luxury to have a website, it is a business necessity. But it doesn't have to be outrageously expensive. Allow Jacira to help you with your website, keeping it within your budgetary limitations.

When you come to us for a website, we sit down together and discuss not only the general concept, the different sections of the website, how many pages, the focus, the colors and graphic preferences.

We also tell you how to develop strategies for high placement on the search engines (Search Engine Optimization), how to reach your target audience and we explain the difference between traditional print media and the web.

We can help you with business packages (stationary, business cards, contracts, order forms, etc.), all matching the theme of your website.

We can't do it alone! You have to provide us with the parameters and the text content. We'll do the rest!

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Web Design by Jacira Castro

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